Looking for a Gale or Zephyr? We're restocking Zephyrs & reopening Gale preorder books Saturday @ 3PM PST (June 27th)

What's special about the svix co?

  • Zephyrs are durable as sh*t

    We use the good stuff. There's no room for crappy materials or low grade hardware that'll break on you. That's just stupid and plain annoying to deal with when flipping and when you do maintenance. Using the highest commercial grade aluminum (7075 Aluminum) with a heat treated steel blade, the Zephyr was meant to eat concrete like there's no tomorrow. Scratches and dents will happen since this isn't meant to be babied, it's meant for flipping anywhere and everywhere.

  • All our trainers run on bushings

    Yes. You heard damn right. It's driven on mother frickin bushings.

    But Svix-kun, what are bushings?!

    To that, I answer: they are magical cylindrical tubes that have to be precision machined and then personally adjusted to fit each individual trainer which to greatly reduce friction.

    tl;dr it makes flipping buttery smooth. yum.

  • Did I mention it's budget friendly?

    That's right folks. Bushings, 7075 Alloy Aluminum, and Heat treated blade. You get the ideal holy balisong trinity for under $200. If you don't like washers, don't like crappy materials, and/or don't like bendy blades, this one's for you!

    Not a fan of aluminum? Well the Gale trainer is also an option as a top tier premium trainer if you're looking for luxury. 

    We gotcha covered.

By now, you get the idea

That's enough fanboying about the Zephyr for today. Check it out for yourself below or in the shop section! Let me know what you think either through email or dm us @thesvixco. A proper introduction when you send us a dm requires you to first send a dank meme followed by whatever comments, questions, or concerns that you may have.