The Mission:

We exist for one purpose.

The whole goal of this operation is to make the most durable balisong trainers packed with the most bang for your buck.

Humphrey The Happiest Stick Man Alive

The dude running this whole operation is a degenerate weaboo.

Tom Professional Simp

This guy's a troll. Svix plays with our feelings and belongs to the streets.

Humphrey's Left and Only Testicle (Incredibly Credible Source)

Your Mom.

F*cK mE mATE!! Extremely Satisfied Customer

I'd shove this up my butthole and then sniff it. Absolutely Amazing! 10/10 would do it again. Blade came extra oily to prevent rust.

Little Timmy Virgin

Flipping boosts finger strength and dexterity. With practice using these trainers, I'll have the fastest fingers in the west. I believe that one day I'll be the fastest flipper alive.

Svix (The operator himself)

I have absolutely no idea how we're still in business.