Last updated: August 02, 2020

What's Covered?

We'll cover pretty much 95% of the problems you have. Here's a list of what we will fix without a problem.

Acceptable examples:

  • Pins falling out (Pressed Pin Assemblies Only) refers to the pins (zen pin or back pins) and may have come loose from flipping or potentially a defect.
  • Parts snapping refers to parts like the blade and handles literally snapping (1 time coverage max)
  • Defects referring to it literally being messed up/missing features

Unacceptable scenarios:

  • Improper Maintenance refers the mismanagement of stuff like neglecting proper loctite procedures, lubricating, oiling the blade.
  • Excessive warranty requests meaning you literally send it back like 3 times a month. Just chill lol.
  • Missing Parts meaning you literally lost the part and hope to fix it. You have to at least have the whole product for it to be fixable. Just get replacement parts/hardware.

NOTE: These scenarios are not complete and are subject to change. Some warranty procedures may change on a case by case basis.

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