V4 Gale Trainer

by The Svix Co.


The Gale Trainer is the perfect trainer for someone looking for the pinnacle of balisong tech and design. Inspired by race cars and yachts, It's built to be the Lambo of balisong trainers. This baby is built to perform. With a sleek design and the best specs, this will be the last trainer you will ever need.



Black Hardware (Not depicted above)

The current Gale Version is V3.

Pivot System: Precision Bushing System

Handle Length: 5.5"

Blade Length: 4.5"

Weight: 4.4 oz

Handle Material: Titanium (TC4)

Blade Material: 440C Steel (Hardened)

Handle Finish: Slightly beadblasted machine finish

Blade Finish: Surface Grind

Handle Construction: Integrated Spacer Handles (Basically channel handles with an elongated channel to mimic sandwich construction)


Order at your own risk! Orders won't be returned in case it gets confiscated or lost! The Svix Co. is not responsible for any confiscation by customs in international orders.

Bonus fact: Do not attempt shipping this to Australia since we have gone through so many trainers being blocked from entering and basically disappearing for no reason.

Disclaimer: These are meant for recreational purposes and not real weapons. This is a balisong trainer meaning that it is not a real weapon. It's just a dull slab of metal with slots cut out of it for weight distribution. By purchasing, you assume The Svix Co. is not responsible for any possible harm or damage caused by this product and/or modifications done to it.