How do returns work?

Short answer: Just let us know you want to get a refund by emailing us within 14 days & we'll let you know where to ship it to/what to include.  Long answer with nuances -> check the Returns Policy Page.

How long does it usually take for orders ship out?

Most orders, especially ones on drop days, will ship out the following business days but on occasion, it may take an extra day or two to process the order before shipping out. And sometimes even longer if it's a preorder or if I'm simply super busy with classes since there's only so much I can do at once being a one man show.

How do I get sponsored by The Svix Co?

Well there's not much in order to get sponsored. Just be sure to be active in the balisong community and create content! Contribution to the community is what's really nice to see and can boost your chances of being sent a The Svix Co. product and/or being sponsored.

Generally, we just have other sponsored folks keep an eye out and scout. We also sometimes just approach you with an offer. It's kinda random. Just please don't spam me to request being sponsored and remember, actions speak louder than words. <3

Where can I get spare hardware?

We're going to work on creating hardware kits but so far, your best bet is going directly to Usaknifemaker for the hardware. Things like bushings/Gale washers are custom made so you'll have to ask us directly about those assuming we even have any extra washers.

The main pivots connecting the trainer blade and handles for our balisong trainers can be found here. (T10 Screws included)

Zephyr washers for V1 - V3s are 3/16" ID x 1/2" OD, 0.02" Thick. They can be found here, and it will be worded as "Washer Phosphor Bronze .020"Th x .189"ID x .500"OD - 1 pair." You will need to get 5 pairs minimum for it to actually let you order it. However, if you would like Zephyr Washers for V4+ Zephyrs, there isn't much either of us can do since those are custom made and unfortunately, we're completely out of those.

Need Gale Hardware? They are linked below

If you need extra T10 Pivots, they're found here! They're basically the same ones as the ones linked above, but we'll include it here too.

However, if you're getting new hardware in general, you'll also need the Black T10 Screws corresponding with the Gale.

Also, you'll need the zen pins for Gales too. You can ind the the zen pin pivots here.

Then finally, you need T8 Screws, are here.

Note 1: For a completely changing the hardware of the Gale, we suggest you get 2 main pivots, 2 zen pin pivots, and 1 pack of each screw. The screws we linked send 25 of them in one package. As for Gale washers, the issue with that is probably exactly the same reasoning as the V4 Zephyr washers. The bushings and washers are custom made and we probably won't have any available unless we sell restock packs.

Note 2:  If you can't find them on usaknifemaker, we probably don't have em either so you may have to wait for usaknifemaker to restock. That's a usaknifemaker problem when they're sold out so it's best to email them about it. We can't really handle out of stock inventory for other companies.

My pins are falling out. What can I do to fix them?

You can always send it back to get it checked out by us but if you prefer to do it yourself since that's the fastest way, you can use some sleeve retainer like the Permatex High Temperature Sleeve Retainer to get those pins back in place. It's like loctite but for pins! Worst comes to worst, you always have the option to send it back to us and get it fixed for you. Just email us or dm us on Instagram if it's urgent and we'll send you an address to send it to you. Be sure to email/message us the tracking number so we're prepared to receive it and it doesn't get lost.

My pivots are spinning? What can I do to loosen/tighten them now?

Just squeeze the handles together and make sure you're using the correct screwdriver size. I recommend Wiha as a reputable screwdriver maker. Sometimes it's a little tricky and might have to death grip it but it should come out. Worst case scenario, heat it up and then try again. Don't use so much loctite next time since we don't cover mistakes like those.